We’ve all had days ruined by back pain, some chronic sufferers have had weeks, months, or even years ruined by it.

But what causes back pain and how can we fix it?

There are many sources of back pain, and most are rooted in things like poor posture, lack of core strength and stability, and general misalignments. These conditions all can be aggravated by the continuation of bad habits, like maintaining poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle.

If your struggles with back pain aren’t stemming from an immediately serious condition (and don’t worry, most aren’t), you’re in luck—you’re probably dealing with something easily treatable. From stretches and exercise to shoe inserts, here are 5 easy ways to relieve back pain and create a stronger, healthier spine.

Note: A great first step is to visit your chiropractor and have him check for any misalignments or other issues with your spine. A proper adjustment is a great way to jumpstart your path to more complete spinal health.

5 Simple Ways to Remedy Back Pain

1. Select the Proper Footwear

Many of us wouldn’t think a healthy spine has any relation to healthy feet, but just like a house, countless back problems can be attributed to a bad foundation. When your shoes aren’t providing

Making sure you're wearing the right shoe is essential to your workout

Making sure you’re wearing the right shoe is essential to your workout

you with the support you need, over time, this can result in misalignments, particularly in your lower back.

Footwear like heavy boots, shoes with little arch support and, of course, high heels, all are leading contributors to foundation based lower back pain. Luckily, this is one of the easiest issues to fix.

Purchasing shoes designed with the right support can do wonders for your back, but if fashion is a priority in your footwear of choice, inserts can be extremely effective in mitigated back pain.

2. Develop Your Core

Sure, six pack abs are a reward in and of themselves, but a strong core can also mean a healthier back.

Back Pain often stems from weakness in the core

Back Pain often stems from weakness in the core

Of course you don’t need six pack abs to have a strong core. That said, doing some simple exercises a few times a week can help you develop the core strength and support to maintain the proper alignment of your spine.

Click here for some simple yet effective ways to increase your core strength in no time at all.

3. Sleep Aligned

People tend to think that sleeping flat on your back on a firm mattress is the ideal way to sleep and maintain posture—not true.

The best way to sleep actually encourages a curve in your spine, maintaining natural alignment rather than rigid structure.

Sleep like this

Sleep like this

While there are plenty of ways to make sure your spine maintains its natural curvature with hi-tech mattresses, pads and a host of other expensive solutions, the best tool may already be on your bed.

By simply utilizing a pillow to adjust your body while you sleep, you can make sure your spine stays in line, translating to better posture and overall spinal health!

4. Exercise


Strengthening your body braces your back and can prevent misalignment in your spine

Many people who have back pain have a few basic things in common, not the least of which is a sedentary lifestyle. If your job forces you into inactivity most of the day, it’s important that you find time to workout to maintain your health and mitigate the potential for back problems.

In fact, for office workers, back pain—specifically back pain rooted in inactivity—is one of the top health complaints. Here’s how to start exercising

Simply walking, hiking or biking are all great ways to break the inactivity-to-back-pain cycle. Check out another of our blogs, 5 Great Outdoor Activities in Philadelphia, and get inspired to be more active!

5. Be Flexible

Back pain isn’t always due to misalignment. Tightness in your back is a leading cause of back pain, i.e. those “knots” massage therapists are always talking about.

Improving flexability relieves tension and painful, tight muscles

Improving flexability relieves tension and painful, tight muscles

Whether you choose to go the route of deep tissue or electronic muscle stimulation at your chiropractor, get a jump on your way to flexibility by loosening up.


Once you have a clean slate, try picking up a flexibility based fitness regimen, like yoga or pilates. Even if you don’t have time to go to the studio and work on your posture, there are plenty of simple routines you can do to increase flexibility at home or work.

There are plenty of ways to mitigate the pain and negative health effects of a bad back, and the chiropractor is a great place to start. You don’t need to suffer endlessly—take control of your pain and make it a thing of the past.

At East Falls Chiropractic, we offer free consults for first time patients and guarantee the safe, affordable care and quality advice to make you feel your best.

As always, yours in health,

Dr. Tom Caley