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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Be Well Spine & Soul is rooted in a passion for safe, holistic therapy.

Our belief is that most, if not all, pain has an emotional component. At Be Well, we take a whole body approach; we don’t just chase pain. Pain and discomfort is our body signaling important communication to let us know something is not right. More times than not, the pain is coming from another area close by or completely opposite from where it’s presenting. Our methods involve hands on treatment, plus connecting to the mental/emotional components of pain that are tied to the physical body, in order to listen, repair, and care – so that the innate healing capacity can occur.

Through a focus of rebalance, we are able to regenerate energy in the body that will respond and communicate more effectively, leading to better sleep, less fatigue, and more production. We aim to bring you back to a more natural, anatomical position where you are literally free from the constraints of everyday life.

Simply: We provide wellness for the spine, while emotionally releasing the psychosomatic aspects of physical pain that ultimately, create wellness of the soul. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions about how we’ve been successfully able to address this component of health.

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About Dr. Caley

A life-long athlete, Dr. Caley has always led an active, healthy lifestyle, including regular visits to the chiropractor.

Determined to share the holistic health benefits of chiropractic care with others, Dr. Caley enrolled in Life University Chiropractic College (Mariette, GA) after attending SUNY Binghamton for undergraduate studies. Upon graduating with his DC (Doctorate of Chiropractic) in 2010, Dr. Caley worked in Atlanta and Long Island before opening his own practice, East Falls Chiropractic in Philadelphia. After over six years of successful patient care and community involvement there, Dr. Caley and his family relocated to his partner’s home state of Colorado to raise their children in the Denver area.

Dr. Caley has helped hundreds of patients find their way to better health utilizing the unique holistic health benefits chiropractic care has to offer plus ones he’s developed over time with successful experiences! He relishes the opportunity to dive into each new patient’s situation to find a unique and personalized solution for their condition.

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