Weekend Warrior Package

Weekend Warrior Package

The Weekend Warrior program is specially designed for those who relish spending their days off work on the slope, in the gym and on the trail, but have found themselves injured or in too much pain to enjoy their usual weekend conquests.

With one intensive week of focused care, followed by up to three additional weeks of customized therapies, you’ll be hitting the trail faster then you expected! This program is perfect for those who are passionate and driven to compete in their hobbies and sports and are willing to commit a little extra time to bouncing back.

Get back to yourself and back at it with a personalized recovery plan that will leave you stronger than ever!


Weekend Warrior Patient Progress

Example Care Plan

Week One


  • Patient history, exam, diagnosis and initial chiropractic treatment.
  • Immediately applicable therapies including manual flexion table, ice, high level laser, muscle stim, deep tissue muscle release and chiropractic adjustment of spine and extremities.


  • Manual flexion table, ice and muscle stim, high level laser, deep tissue muscle release, chiropractic adjustment of spine and extremities.
  • Custom take-home plan with exercises and stretches.

Weeks Two – Four


  • Reassessment after week one’s treatment of acute condition.
  • Continue with in-office therapies.
  • Reinforce progress with home therapy plan.